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About Flamingo

About Flamingo Life & Mortgages

Lara Stephenson is a mortgage adviser with a difference. If you are looking for someone to truly hold your hand, 24/7 when it comes to life and mortgage advice, she’s your ‘Flamingo-to’ lady. One look at her reviews on Google and it is clear to see why. Her clients feel supported, reassured, empowered and informed.


Genuine, emotionally invested, devoted and caring, Life and Mortgage adviser, aren’t often words that go together, but that’s the real deal with Lara.


Lara has extensive experience in banking and the housing market, having worked as a Life and Protection Adviser, Estate Agent and Mortgage Adviser. It means her clients benefit from the full 360 complement of experience in all aspects of life and mortgage advice.


From the moment you call or enter the Flamingo Life & Mortgage office you will be made to feel at home. The personalised service that Lara provides is pretty extraordinary in the finance world; forget stuffy, boring and formal. As soon as you’re a client you become part of the rather special Flamingo family, and that means that nothing will get in the way of securing you the right deal and outcomes, because family is all about helping and supporting each other and this is one of the main reasons why Lara wanted to deliver a service that stood out from the crowd. 


Lara’s ethos is to take the stress and worry out of all elements of house buying and protection plans for her clients. She is dedicated to not only finding you the right deals and providing the best advice, but she also rallies and mobilises the people and services involved in the entire process from solicitors and estate agents, through to sellers and buyers, to get everything moving effectively and efficiently to take the pressure off her clients at what can often be a daunting and worrying time. Her mission is to make her client’s home dreams come true and support them every step of the way.

Why the name Flamingo?


Flamingos are a perfect representation of Lara’s values because they are well known for symbolising family, caring for family and belonging to a community. They also represent new experiences and opportunities and of course they are confident and stand out in the crowd; all of which perfectly represent everything that Flamingo Life & Mortgage stands for.

Flamingo Life & Mortgage is a trading name of Just Mortgages Direct Limited and Flamingo Life & Mortgage is the name under which Lara carries out these services. Flamingo Life & Mortgage is not a business in it’s own right, it is part of Just Mortgages Direct Limited, which is an appointed representative of Openwork Limited.  Just Mortgages Direct Limited was set up in 1989 and has been part of The Openwork Partnership since 2016.

The Openwork Partnership is one of the UK’s largest Financial Advice networks, with over 4,500 advisers and in excess of 700 appointed representatives based throughout the UK.

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